Weight Loss - Can't Lose Weight? Do You Hang Out With Fat Friends?

If you hang out with friends who carry around too much weight, in other words they are fat or even obese, chances are you will be too according to a new study. If your friend or friends are packing on the pounds the chances are that you will gain weight increases by 57%. If the friend is a close friend then the chances increase to 171% that you will gain weight.

Obesity isn't contagious but friends tend to eat and drink the same things. Friends eat together either out at a restaurant or at home. The same goes for fitness and exercise. Do your friends work out or participate in any sports? Do you?

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Also you may have gotten used to the idea that bigger bodies are okay especially when you and your friends all have larger bodies. Of course we know now that health concerns can strongly weigh against accepting a bigger body with the potential health issues that go along with it.

So what can you do? Well first of all you don't want to drop your friends. Instead get them to join you on a weight loss or dieting plan. Start walking together. You can make your walks 'walk and talks.' You can catch up on news with each other while getting fit at the same time. These heart healthy walks will burn fat and keep you from snacking. Try to get your friends to commit to regular 'walk and talks' or even impromptu walks when you get together to visit.

If you're packing a lot of weight around you may feel uncomfortable walking at first but start out slow and gradually increase your walks. Start with ten minutes in your neighborhood or your friend's neighborhood and work up to thirty minutes or more - whatever you can handle. You will notice a difference especially if you're also counting calories. You'll start feeling better and notice a gradual loss in weight. The increase in circulation will increase blood flow to the brain and you'll feel less tired and be mentally more alert. You should also get a burst of endorphins that will help your mood and give you a good feeling.

As part of your weight loss program and for dietary considerations consider eating a predominately 'living food' diet which is the best diet on earth. A 'living food' diet is a diet of living or raw foods; foods that are not cooked - a diet of fruits and living, not cooked, vegetables. Lots of them. Fix huge green salads (not lifeless iceberg lettuce though.) Use green leaf lettuce, red leaf lettuce or romaine. Have several fruits for breakfast. You'll be loading your body up on natural vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phytonutrients boosting your immune system to fight off any medical problems that come up.

Try to eliminate fatty foods, trans fat foods, desserts, meat and dairy, alcohol, coffee drinks and of course soda pop. Stick to pure filtered or spring water. Avoid cooked, canned and processed foods. You'll soon feel lots of energy and a natural, fast weight loss. Lose pounds and inches. No need for weight watchers, hypnosis, dangerous diet pills or weight loss surgery. You can control you own weight with your own diet plan. You can do it! You and your friends can do it together!

Get your friends to join you in healthy eating and 'walk and talks' and you will all benefit from a quick weight loss, feeling better, better fitness and helping each other at the same time.

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