Everything You Wanted to Know About Weight Loss Products!

With body beautiful getting to be such a priority with everyone, age-group not withstanding, there is a lot of attention being diverted to products that aid quick weight-loss. However, social media pressures and healthcare advisors have been at logger-heads over the 'hype' surrounding many of these weight loss products flooding the market today as the former focuses primarily on the trimmer, shapelier new you which the latter group feel is only a way of building up towards higher sales, even at the cost of the consumer's health as not all quick weight loss aiding products are without side-effects.

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Thus, in this customer beware age, it is a matter of common sense as well as looking out for your own interests when scouting the market for any weight loss product that is not completely natural or hundred per cent free of harmful side-effects.

A variety of new-age weight loss products offer easier solutions to starvation diets for the fitness conscious

Size zero may be your dream number and those skinny blue jeans hold their own mute appeal hanging as they do in a dark corner of your closet; but, would you really want to compromise on your overall health and stamina by using dubious fast weight-loss promising products? A resounding no is the answer from the majority of pro-fitness consumers of health drinks and regular exercisers as recent media reports have clearly outlined that in the US alone, out of an estimated 50 million people trying to shed those excess pounds, only a measly 5 per cent have been successful. 

Healthy mind in a healthy body: latest weight loss products and promises

This fact alone is enough to convince the thinking masses about there being no grantees with the high claims of quick weight loss products and diet, exercise and stress-free lifestyles playing a crucial role in helping weight loss and maintenance under the guidance of a fitness counsellor along side that of metabolism determined by an individual's genes.

This is why many patrons of health clubs and those trying out alternate therapies for weight loss, though curious about the scope of weight loss products, are still cautious about using them on themselves. While many new weight loss products have celebrity testimonials and people with amazing bodies advertising them, the high costs for most of these are often cause potential customers to reconsider purchasing them besides the initial doubts about the product's efficacy.

Some popular weight loss products in the market today: scams or solutions?

You decide!

o Diet Patch - was quite a craze in the early and mid 1980's but was taken off the market by the FDA as these proved to be ineffective.

o Magnetic Diet Pills - claim to flush out the fat from the body; no one's found any certain quantifiable results of this.

o Guar Gum - said to be an appetite suppressant comes with the side effect of causing internal obstruction.

o Electrical Muscle Stimulators - induce a relaxing effect that gives a 'feel good' effect, but scientifically offer no proven results for weight loss.

o Weight loss earrings - claim to work through the principles of acupuncture therapy by suppressing the appetite; experts recommend hiring the services of traditional acupuncture therapists for actual results.

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