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I have a radical approach in regard to WEIGHT LOSS AFFIRMATIONS that reflect my specific, focused plan that promotes weight loss without saying anything about weight loss or diets! I've stated my case in a previous article (id#1417068), and now I will expand on the those ideas as well as suggesting other effective WEIGHT LOSS AFFIRMATIONS.

Effective WEIGHT LOSS AFFIRMATIONS must reflect powerful thinking paths aligned with Law of Attraction principles. The Law of Attraction stresses the creative power of thought; the direction of your thinking creates the reality you experience.

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The overwhelming majority of weight loss plans either don't work or can't be maintained because the wrong ideas are in the plans and the affirmations. WEIGHT LOSS AFFIRMATIONS should:

Be totally positive Have not a word about weight loss in them Reflect reality and not fantasy Focus on a greater, more powerful goal than weight loss

Since like attracts like according to the Law of Attraction, WEIGHT LOSS AFFIRMATIONS must be totally positive, having words that reflect an exciting, motivating vision. The concept of weight loss is fraught with powerful negative feelings and memories, guilt, frustration and the like.

That is why affirmations for weight loss must not have a word about weight loss! Remember, like attracts like. If "weight loss" is on your mind all the time, the word and emotional power of "weight" is dominating your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind, and especially in areas like weight, will have powerful emotional associations that direct your behavior much more than you realize.

That is why my primary affirmation focused on Vibrant Health. That concept is a far more positive, powerfully motivating goal than anything about weight loss. Those words literally charged me with motivation and excitement. Since my behavior was reflecting that goal, my affirmation reflected reality and was not some absurd fantasy about being "thin inside" or other weak, ineffective, if not foolish ideas.

Here are some other WEIGHT LOSS AFFIRMATIONS that are aligned with powerful Law of Attraction thinking and reflect the concepts listed above:

I'm in the process of developing an attractive body.
I'm developing a lifestyle of vibrant health.
I'm creating a body that I like and enjoy.
My lifestyle eating changes are changing my body.

Weight Loss isn't what you want - AN ATTRACTIVE BODY THAT YOU LIKE AND ENJOY is what you want! Of course, you must have a plan that creates weight loss, but that overarching goal, that powerfully motivating vision is what you want to see in the mirror!

As I stated in my previous article, affirmations like this place the powerful, motivating, exciting goals in the forefront and put weight loss secondary. Believe me, I certainly thought about weight loss often in the process of losing 30lbs, but the constant "song" that my spirit sang was all about Vibrant Health.

If you were to do a web search about weight loss affirmations you will find quite a few focused on what is not wanted, instead of what is wanted. Some will use terms like "releasing" in regard to things you don't want. I believe in "casting out darkness" with light.

You may use the word "release" in regard to things you don't want, but your subconscious mind "hears" what you don't want loud and clear! Focus on what you want! What is it that you really want?

I believe what you want is to be happy about how you look and feel; it's as simple as that. Focus on what you really want. Weight loss is only a path toward a goal and vision of what you see and feel about yourself.

Yes, you must have a well thought through path and approach, but the thoughts that begin in that powerful mind of yours that can create a new life need to have an exciting and motivating goal. Your spirit needs to be inflamed with a vision of what your mind is creating. Let any WEIGHT LOSS AFFIRMATIONS that you develop reflect what you truly desire, inspire your heart and then focus your mind on that wonderful vision of yourself.

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