How To Have Positive Weight Loss Through Affirmations

These days we adopt diet plans or weight loss pills to get a perfect body. Unfortunately these methods are not very reliable. Either they fail, or if they do succeed, they are short-termed. We gain weight in no time and again we have to adopt these same methods to reduce excess fats. Alternately weight loss can be achieved through safe and natural way. The secret to achieve safe weight loss is through utilizing positive weight loss affirmations.

Positive weight loss affirmations act as a reprogramming software for the mind. They change your inner belief structure, by implanting any thought, either positive or negative, into our minds in the form of a pattern when repeated many times. Our subconscious then implements these pattern into our daily lives either leading to a positive or negative change. The reason that diet plans don't work well is that they may change your habits, but they rarely change your thought patterns. Positive weight loss affirmations work the opposite way, changing your beliefs to achieve better habits. Coincidentally, using positive weight loss affirmations works far more effectively over the long term than simple diet plans alone.

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The first step towards achieving your goal is to get rid of all those negative thoughts, inner-belief and behaviors which leads to weight problem in the first place such as 'I am so fat' or 'I am gaining weight everyday'. These thoughts hold you back from gaining an ideal weight. Your mind makes your body to gain weight since the mind is lead to believe that these negative thoughts are true. Start to lose weight by adopting a positive attitude. The more positive thoughts you have, the closer you are to sliming down.

Second step, and probably the most important one, is to live in present. Instead of thinking about failures of the past learn to live in present and be determined to change what you could not achieve yesterday. Strengthen your self-image. Gain self-confidence. Believe in yourself and keep reminding yourself that you will loss weight or you feel lighter today. Build up your confidence as much you can by going out in public places with firm belief that you are one step closer to gaining ideal weight and you are already succeeding. This step involves implementing the beginnings of positive weight loss affirmations. By living and thinking in a way that presumes that you've already lost weight, your mind will begin to believe that it has already done so, making the process of actually losing weight with positive weight loss affirmations that much easier.

The wording you use is the key. You must use positive, simple and appropriate words for mind to accept. You must truly believe whatever you say and then feel the emotions building inside you. You must get your mind to think that the positive weight loss affirmation you make can be made true. Never for one moment think 'can it happen?' Instead think 'it can happen' or 'it is already happening'.

The positive weight loss affirmation needs to be repeated over many times in order for 'natural weight loss technique' to succeed. You should write down any positive thought you have on a card and review them daily most importantly first thing in the morning and before going to bed. Some physiologists have recommended that if you have any negative thought write it down on a piece of paper. Later at the end of the day review it and try to come up with a more realistic positive statement for example, instead of "I am so fat" you should think "I feel lighter today". Whenever you think positive you are one step closer towards sliming and achieving your goal. Remember to create your own statement which your mind will actually believe to be true. Some examples of positive statement are given below:

I'm losing weight now.

I feel lighter today.

I love the feeling of making progress.

I love the food that makes me thin.

Losing weight is effortless.

I enjoy being healthy.

I'm feeling happy today.

My body is getting stronger, slimmer, and healthier every day.

Stay positive and achieve your desired result safely and naturally. Utilization of positive weight loss affirmations, along with a good diet and exercise plan, is by far the fastest and easiest weight loss plan.

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