Lifting Weights and Weight Loss - The Natural Combination

To get a quicker weight loss and see a leaner body faster, it is best that you add weight lifting to your weight loss program. Your metabolism plays an important part in this weight loss game and you must be willing to rev it up so that it can start burning calories for you.

Consult With Your Doctor

Before you take on the task of losing weight using weights you should speak with your doctor first. If you have high blood pressure, diabetes, any kind of cardiac condition, muscle or joint problems you will definitely need to heed the advice of your physician to make sure that you will not cause yourself more harm.

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Weight lifting and Weight Loss

A weight lifting program can help you to lose weight. Lifting weights will increase your metabolism in that it will increase your muscle size. Women don't get alarmed about getting big muscles. You don't have enough testosterone to get bulky muscles. You would have to engage in a weight building regiment to see that kind of bulging muscles.

In order to experience weight loss and see a leaner body you must exercise all the major muscle group which includes your chest, back, shoulder, arms and legs. To get the best results from a weight lifting regiment, you should try to go for a plan of lifting weights three times per week.

To get you started you will need to be doing resistance exercise about 8-12 times. You might not know the right weights (pounds) when you start. But if you can do more than 12 repetitions without your muscles being completely fatigued then you might want to increase your weights. If you need to increase your weights you should increase it by approximately 5-10% once you can do more than the 12 repetitions to make sure that you are getting the most out of your exercise. You are not just lifting weight for the pain but also for the benefit of getting a lean muscle mass.

Lifting Weight At Home Or At The Gym?

The option to start a weight lifting program for your weight loss at home or enlisting the help of the local gym with a personal trainer might be something that you might have to put some though into. If you have never lifted weight before, you might need some help to making sure that you have your form correct and that you are not lifting the weights and causing hurt to yourself.

If you decide on a home gym, using dumbbell will work in the beginning but soon your body will get accustom to the existing weights and you will need to go out and get more to get the maximum results to continue on your weight loss program.

The local gym might work out cheaper in the long run because they will have a wider range of weights available and you will also have an instructor there to help you if you need to know how to use particular equipment.

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