Extreme Maximum Weight Loss Conditions

This fast food, work from home, internet-based business lifestyle has put the weight on me for the last time. I've battled with my weight for years. I've taken it off and I've made the mistake most people make after they've dieted successfully. I've gained it right back!

So this time, I plan to win my weight loss battle. In fact, I'm going to document it every step of the way so that everyone will know exactly how I did it. I have a target weight as well as a target date. I will be down to 200 lbs. in only a few short months. As of now, I weigh 240 lbs.

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What needs understood is how I lost 15 lbs. since I first started my weight program only a week ago. There are perfectly logical reasons why I lost that much weight in just my first week. And none of them have anything to do with a magical pill or the latest and greatest of technologies. It's just the success you actually witness when you first start any program that is worth its weight in gold.

I certainly won't be able to reproduce those same results week after week. That actually wouldn't be very healthy to be honest. But the fact of the matter is that I lost that first 15 lbs. in my first week. How did I manage to make that happen?

Maximum Weight Conditions

On my first day, I weighed myself at 255 lbs. That was a day when conditions didn't matter to me. Had I just eaten? Most likely. Was I still holding water weight? Absolutely. These things make all the difference in the world.

I put myself on my weight loss program and I followed it with a passion. No snacks between meals. No drinks other than water except for the prescribed juice during each meal. And I started walking more places.

When I walked to the grocery store to pick up the exact foods I needed for the diet, I wore my weight reduction belt and my weight reduction jacket. These things aren't necessary for a successful weight loss program. But, I already had them so I incorporated them into my own personal weight loss program. If you don't have a weight loss belt or a weight loss jacket, just bundle up in extra clothes and make yourself sweat. Then, drink plenty of water. By sweating the entire way to and from the grocery store, I lost a good amount of water weight.

The foods that were required by the diet were doing their own work too! The combinations of foods in my diet are maximized for successful weight loss. They burn more calories during digestion than are induced at intake. They raise my metabolism increasing my energy levels and generating an active lifestyle. The foods literally burn away multiplying my chances of weight loss success. In fact, you can begin to feel the effectiveness when the detoxification starts to take effect. I was disposing of my body's waste rather quickly because my body was not used to eating this healthy.

Extreme Minimum Weight Conditions

By the time I weighed myself earlier today, I was at a minimum weight condition. To put it in more fitting terms, I had already eliminated waste from my digestive tract and I hadn't eaten yet because I hadn't even had breakfast. So, my body was clean of any food, digested or otherwise. I had also just returned home after yet another grocery store walk. My walk had made me sweat quite a bit because I was getting more active for my walks. It wasn't just down and back. I took different directions and made real exercise of it.

I took my shower as soon as I got home and I stepped on the scale in just a pair of workout shorts. If you haven't picked up on the little details that make all the difference, I was at maximum weight conditions when I weighed myself a week ago. As I just described, earlier this morning I was at an extreme minimum.

A week ago when I weighed myself for the first time in this weight loss challenge, I had eaten earlier and was still digesting my food. I hadn't even begun to work on water weight. So, food was in my body and I was holding water weight. That's my maximum weight and it came out to be 255 lbs.

When I weighed myself earlier today, I have been disposing of waste quicker than normal. I have taken several walks utilizing my weight reduction belt and my weight reduction jacket which have both contributed in the loss of water weight. I took a shower to wash off the sweat and immediately jumped on the scale. Today's weight is 240 lbs.

From here on out, the results will not be as drastic as those. I am estimating that I will lose about one pound every other day. My Weight Loss Progress chart has only two entries as of now and it will stand as an actual record of my journey. Those two entries are 255 lbs. and 240 lbs. Losing 15 lbs. a month is my goal. So, I should hit my target weight in a little less than three months from now.

If my progress turns out to be even more successful than I project, you better bet I'm going to make a note of it and work toward reaching my target of 200 lbs. as soon as possible. Until then, I'm taking it day by day, chapter by chapter. Follow me through this weight loss program whether it's for your own good or just to see how it works out for me. Either way, I'll see you at the goal line!

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