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Losing Weight is a goal that many people would like to achieve fast. There are many online weight loss programs that claim to help you lose the weight fast but many of these programs are either scams or make false promises. So, which one of the online weight loss programs can you trust to truly help in losing weight fast. I have been successful in using 3 online weight loss programs and will briefly review each of them for you. I personally have lost over 50lbs within 4 months by using and implementing the plans covered by theses online weight loss programs. I hope my years of learning and researching to find the right weight loss program will help you save valuable time and not to mention money. In my opinion the three best weight loss programs are:

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Fat Loss 4 Idiot - A popular weight loss program that actually works if implemented correctly. Fat Loss for Idiots helps you to lose weight quickly without any exercise. It claims you can lose 9lbs in 11 days. I am a complete believer since I lost 10 lbs in 12 days. I must confess, I also went to the gym 2-3 times a week. I strongly recommend Fat Loss 4 Idiots to anyone who would like to lose weight naturally and keep it off by changing their overall lifestyle. Truth About 6 Pack AbsThis weight loss program comes very close to Fat loss 4 idiots and helps lose fat all over the body. The only difference between this weight loss program and Fat Loss for idiots is that there is no software to track your meal plan for the next upcoming week. However it does provide healthy recipe information to burn fat. Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle - This weight loss program is also a top notch plan which shares a medically proven system to burn fat and increase muscle mass. If you like to know and discover the mechanics for staying slim and what goes on in your body behind the scenes, then you will find this program very valuable and interesting. Unlike Fat Loss 4 Idiots it does not take you on a weight loss journey step by step.

Any one of the above weight loss programs provides first class information in how to lose weight fast.

Fat Loss Factor

The Diet Solution Program

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