To Lose Weight Fast, Visualize Your Weight Loss Results and Write Down Your Weight Loss Goals

How many times have you heard of the statement above? More than once I assume. In fact, I'm sure you have heard it like tonnes of times. The question is, did you follow the instruction as it is? Not very likely I guess. My friend, let me share with you a big secret...

That is the first thing that you MUST do if you ever want to achieve tremendous weight loss results.

Let me break it down for you:


If you want to achieve something, weight loss for example, you need to know what is the ultimate destination that you're heading to. If you do not even know where you're headed, how are you supposed to get anything out of it? If you can not answer how many pounds lost or inches trimmed that you want to achieve, you are then merely fiddling in the ocean with no real targets to swim to.

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When that happens, you'll most likely get very little weight loss results, if any at all.

But then again, it's never easy to detail it down into specifics huh. Well, what if you don't need the specifics? Instead of pinning it down to how many pounds or inches, try drawing the new you that you want to be. Yes, you heard right, draw the new you and take a good look at it. Go topless and compare where you are now versus where you want to be.

If you are serious about losing weight, you should know how far you are from your desired dream body, and how much effort you need to sacrifice in order to get there. Memorize this visual, keep it in your head. Stick the picture you drew somewhere prominent on your desk.

Look at it everyday. Visualize your results. Visualize what it would be like when you achieve such successful weight loss success.

That, my friend, is the first thing you need to do if you want to lose weight. Now, the second part of it...


When I say that, I do not mean you need to write down how many pounds or inches you need to achieve. What I do mean with that statement is that you need to write down why you want to lose weight. Find some objectives that makes you want to lose weight. Find objectives that are downright personal to you, and write them down.

I want you to write them down because this will make your objectives crystal clear to you. Also, whenever you feel like giving up, this single piece of written goals can spur you on and remind you specifically why you must not give up.

How many times have you set your mind to do something, did not bother to write it down, and then forget about it?

That is exactly why you must write down your goals my friend. Do not let your objectives slip away from you. Write them down and remind yourself everyday, only that would make sure you keep working hard on it.

So in conclusion my friend, remember these two tips...

Visualize your weight loss results and write down your weight loss goals!

These are just two of the many things I teach in my weight loss system called the Gimme Weight Loss Now! System. To get a complete weight loss system to help you lose weight, grab a copy of my system at

I wish you great success!


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