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Weight loss motivation...how many times have you been highly motivated to lose weight? Like many, many people, probably a good number of times.

Why then, do our weight loss efforts seem to always end with the same results? We seem to end up tired and hungry with minimal weight loss, even with exercise. Then, we end up poorly motivated, or worse yet, we're left with no weight loss motivation left at all.

The answer is two words - positive feedback. With it you can be unstoppable in your weight loss efforts. Without positive feedback it probably is only a matter of time before you are sapped of any motivation that you had started out with. And positive feedback means that you're getting results, good results. You're losing weight, feeling good and sticking to your plan.

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So, why do we fail? One word, here...DIET! Dieting for many people means deprivation, hunger and fatigue. Keeping motivated for your exercise routines while fighting those three things after a day of work makes exercising a little tougher. This is where weight loss motivation begins to fail.

Soon you lose interest (motivation!) in exercising. You see the weight loss slowing, or even stopping, even though you are still "dieting" and still depriving your body of food. And then you figure, "Forget it...it's not doing anything. I'll get back on this stuff later." And that's it. Another round of weight loss motivation crushed and another weight loss attempt failed. Cheer up! It's very common and you're not alone!

So, how do you fix this? Well, you already know your dieting and exercise always seemed to fail after a while. So this time, change your eating habits first. Learn how to put you body into Fat Burning Mode and not Fat Storage Mode. You can do this just by changing what you eat, when you eat and how you combine foods in your meals. It works fast and it works well. It's not dieting, either...it's just changing what you eat and how you combine the foods that you eat. Once you're in Fat Burning mode you'll start seeing significant changes and the positive feedback loop will be set and you are on your way:

You will start losing weight, just like before. This is the early positive feedback that keeps you going. But at this early stage, it's just like every other weight loss attempt you've tried. Soon, however, you lose more weight. You've now gone past that five or six pounds, so you start realizing that something is different. This re-enforces your changing eating habits. You now know that you're on to something good. People start noticing your weight loss. More positive feedback and more weight loss motivation. You get much more out of exercising now and you are not tired all of the time. You actually have more energy. This is almost all related to your new eating habits. As time goes by, you are losing more weight. You fit into clothes sizes that you wore years ago. More positive feedback supporting your weight loss motivation. You're now even more motivated to stick to your new eating habits and learn more and more how this affects weight gain and weight loss. You now start losing fat in areas of your body that you previously gave up on long ago...mainly that Tummy Fat and lower body fat. You start seeing muscles that you haven't seen for many years. Again, this all re-enforces your motivation to keep exercising and learning about proper nutrition and eating habits. And still, you are not always hungry, tired and cranky! Positive feedback re-enforcing your weight loss motivation.

It's at this point that you realize things are a lot different this time. You've lost more weight than you ever have. You have lost that tummy fat and you feel great. Best of all, you don't feel like you're dieting and your weight loss motivation is just as high as it was when you first started, if not higher.

Positive feedback leads to more, sustained weight loss motivation which leads to more sustained weight loss! It all starts with proper nutrition and eating habits...period.

So for long term weight loss, you need to change your eating habits first and try to get your body into Fat Burning Mode. Learn as much as you can about proper nutrition and how what you eat affects your blood sugar and insulin levels. Learn about the glycemic index and glycemic loading...all relating to blood sugar and insulin.

This will allow you to lose a lot of weight, keep your weight loss motivation intact and in the end, improve your overall health and well-being tremendously.

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