Path to Rapid Weight Loss - 5 Time-tested and Practical Rapid Weight Loss Tips

Certainly, you've tried a lot diet pills, read a lot of rapid weight loss tips on e-books and manuals. And the only thing you've lost so far is money instead of fat!

The problem with most rapid weight loss tips and programs offer you results that are outstanding BUT they're anything but permanent. After achieving your ideal weight, you hit a plateau and start rolling back to your fatter self.

If you're sick and tired of that, then these practical and time-tested rapid weight loss tips will surely bring you GUARANTEED and LONG-TERM results.

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You just better make sure you'll apply these rapid weight loss tips.

Rapid Weight Loss Tips No. 1

Drop the junks and eat small meals.

If ever you're going to see that body of yours perfectly fit and sculpted, you cannot continue your lifestyle of care-free eating habits.

You NEED to put a stop to eating A LOT of junk and you MUST reduce your diet by half. Here's an example: instead of eating your dinner in one serving, break down your meal into smaller ones and try to consume each of them after every 2-3 hours.

Another thing you can do to discourage yourself from eating too much is to buy plates that are way smaller in size than what you currently have.

Rapid Weight Loss Tips No. 2

I don't know about you BUT it has been scientifically proven that eating spicy foods aid greatly in rapid weight loss.

Now is the perfect time to love those hot and spicy foodstuffs you used to steer away from.

Rapid Weight Loss Tips No. 3

Go easy on meat. Sure they're protein rich that will aid greatly in building muscles and body mass. BUT they're also fat-dense!

Slowly but surely, decrease your meat consumption for the weeks to come and replace them instead with vegetables, soy proteins, mushrooms, etc.

Rapid Weight Loss Tips No. 4

Sweat it out! Go to the gym and workout everyday!

So you don't have the extra bucks to spend for the gym?

Walking a few miles to work and leaving your car at the parking area is just one of the nice things you can do to lose weight. Or instead of using the elevator, why not take the stair?

See, just look around you and you'll find more than a hundred ways to stay active and lose weight.

Rapid Weight Loss Tips No. 5

Now you may have some prescribed drugs for weight loss, BUT you sure want to replace them with herbal counter parts instead..

Aside from having minimal to totally ZERO side effects, there are other benefits you can grab from herbal supplements like Ayurslim which helps you lower you cholesterol levels and risk of heart-attack.

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