Weight Loss Alli Style - My Experience With the Alli Weight Loss Pill

Weight loss Alli style? What does that mean to me? What is this diet aid?. Alli is the version of (Orlistat marketed as Xenical) that is available without a prescription. How does the Alli pill work? Simply put, Alli interferes with your body's fat metabolizing mechanism so that you do not absorb most of the fat consumed at any given meal. How does Alli work? Alli does it's magic by blocking the enzyme lipase's ability to metabolize fat. Lipase is the enzyme responsible for metabolizing the fat in the foods you eat. So let's cut to the chase. You want to lose weight. Many overweight people consume diets which happen to be high in fat. Weight loss with Alli is relatively easy if you follow a few simple guidelines. All you need to do is take the pill with your meal. The pill will impair your body's ability to absorb the fat in the meal, thus reducing the calories you are able to take in.

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Weight Loss Alli Style Tip #1 - Bad habits make for bad results.

If you eat lots and lots of fat when you take Alli, you will be in trouble. Alli made news headlines when it first came out because people were running to the bathroom, unable to control their bowel movements. If you take Alli with lunch at work, you should have ready access to a restroom. When the body decides to go, you better not be in a meeting! The manufacturer recommends that you not consume a diet that is high in fat. After all, you are trying to lose weight, so what are you doing eating lots of fat anyway? So, in case I did not make this clear, don't eat a high fat diet if you are taking Alli.

Weight Loss Alli Style Tip #2 - Try it out on the weekend.

As with any diet supplement, you do not know how your body will react. Take this little piece of advice. If you are going to use Alli for the first time, try it on the weekend so you can see how it works and see if it is OK for you to take it to work. Some people have absolutely no issues with the bathroom. For most, if you are already following a sensible diet, the pill will not affect you other than helping your diet out.

Weight Loss Alli Style Tip #3 - If you are on a low fat diet, this may not be for you.

Low fat diets will see minimal results. Why would this be the case? Well, if you are already consuming very little fat, there is no incentive to use the pill. The reason for this is that you are already cutting fat so the proportion of fat calories is already low.

If you plan on losing weight the weight loss Alli style, your mileage may vary. Those of us who are carbohydrate addicts will find that the alli pill will do nothing to reduce the calories absorbed from carbs. This means that those of us who consume too much soda for example will see a minimal benefit. The alli weight loss pill was designed to give a balanced diet a little push by reducing the fat your body is able to absorb. If you eat lots of fat, you will be unsuccessful in your weight loss efforts. The alli pill will help reduce the amount of fat you actually absorb, but you may notice side effects like bloating and gas and lots of trips to the restroom.

Alli is a great diet aid when used properly. Your weight loss Alli diet supplement will help those who are really trying to lose weight by eating sensibly and exercising every day. Remember, take it easy on the fat and don't eat too many carbohydrates like sugar or soda.

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