The Weight Loss Resolution - A Weight Loss Epidemic

This epidemic seems to rear its ugly head every year and it seems to happen at the same time every year. Around the end of December and beginning of January, millions of people make resolutions for a number of different things. For some people, they want to be a better person, for others, maybe they want to make the world a better place by donating to charity or volunteering their time at the local homeless shelter, but one of the most popular New Year's resolutions is to lose weight and get into shape.

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Every year around the beginning of January, gyms all across the country are overrun with people who made the weight loss resolution. By the beginning of February, most if not all of these new gym members will be nowhere to be found. Why is it that so many people make the New Year's resolution to lose weight, but so few, if any actually follow through and succeed? If they didn't really want to lose weight in the first place, why did they make the resolution to lose weight? Most people have busy schedules that make it very difficult to find time to go to the gym, or follow a diet, but they know that when they make the weight loss resolution, so why the huge failure rate?

Maybe most people know how busy their lives are, but don't really realize just how much of a commitment it will take on their part to reach their weight loss goals. Most people realize it's much easier to keep things the same, than it is to make a change like losing 20, 40, 60 and even more pounds. After all, they didn't gain the weight all in one day and they're not going to lose it in one day either. In order to lose this much weight, they have to be willing to make a commitment and make sacrifices, and sometimes these commitments will last for several months, or maybe even a year if they have a lot of weight to lose. What they really need if they're really going to succeed in their resolution to lose weight is a lifestyle change.

If they spend half a year losing the weight and then go right back to their bad habits, it's just a matter of time before they're overweight and miserable again. Maybe most people who make a weight loss resolution start on the diet and realize if they really want to lose weight and keep it off for life, then they have to change their lifestyle and eating habits for good and they're not willing to do that. It's their bad eating habits that made them fat, but they like all the bad foods they eat and they don't want to give those up. Eating these bad foods has become a habit, and we all know how hard it can be to break a bad habit.

There's a diet plan that is so easy to follow, and doesn't require a big lifestyle change and if most of the people who made a New Year's resolution to lose weight knew about it, many of the people who gave up would follow through and reach their weight loss goal. How many people actually follow through on a weight loss resolution? The numbers are very small, and wouldn't it be great if you could show and tell all your friends how you made a goal and stuck to it. They would all be envious as they thought about how they failed in the same task. They may even ask you how you did it and you could help them succeed. So your weight loss would not only help you, but those around you.

The diet is called The Idiot Proof Diet and unlike most diet plans, it doesn't require you to make huge sacrifices. You won't be cutting your daily calories to near single digit numbers and you definitely won't need to read labels or keep a food journal. The name of this diet is very fitting, because it truly is an Idiot Proof Diet. The diet lasts for 11 days and at the end of the 11 days, you get a 3 day cheat period. If you still want to lose more weight, you can go back on the diet for another 11 days, or if you're satisfied with your weight loss, that's it, you're done.

What you do is use their online diet generator to create the meals you'll be eating for the 11 day diet period. The foods you'll be eating are things like turkey, ham, shrimp, fruit, baked beans, salad and those are just a few of the foods available. After choosing your foods, the diet generator will compile your meals for the next 11 days, and you'll be able to print out the meals and take it to the grocery store with you. When you sign up for the diet, you get unlimited access to the diet generator, so you can use it over and over again to create as many 11 day menus as you want. You can expect to lose about 9 pounds for every 11 day cycle.

One thing that is very different about this diet is there are no portion limits. You want to eat until you're almost full, you should never feel stuffed, or hungry. You'll also be eating 4 meals a day, and that's one of the keys to keeping your metabolism burning the fat and achieving fast fat loss.

When someone makes a weight loss resolution, in most cases they fail, because they don't plan and think about the best way to achieve their goals. They don't research the diets that are available and find out what all they have to do and give up on that diet. If more people took the time to research weight loss options, I believe more people would be able to make their New Year's resolution to lose weight a success story.

Why would anyone want to be on a diet that makes you starve, restricts one type of food so much, it makes you miserable, or makes you eat the same food ever day? With a diet like The Idiot Proof Diet, there's no reason why any resolution to lose weight can't be something that will give you the body you want and deserve.

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