Which Personal Weight Loss Program Works the Best?

"Which Personal Weight Loss Program Works The Best?" I hear this question on a regular basis and it is the one that I have the hardest time answering. Why? Well, a personal weight loss program is... well, personal. What I mean is a weight loss program should fit the person on the program to maximize the benefits. What works great for one person might not work as well for another.

There are many factors to consider when selecting a personal weight loss program for yourself or a family member.

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--> Are you looking for a quick fix to remove some pounds you just recently added?
--> Do you have medical issues caused by being over weight?
--> Do you just want to lose those unsightly bulges around the midsection?
--> You want to stop looking like a pear and get ripped.
--> You want to have a healthy weight so you can live a longer and happier lifestyle?

There are plenty of other questions that you need to ask yourself and they will lead you to the reasons and other factors that will help you pick the best personal weight loss program for you. Doing so will increase your success rate on the program that you will eventually select.

Even when I have explained this in the past, I still get the look from many of my clients of 'expectation'. They are just looking for that program they can just pickup and run with so they do not have to figure all this out. They want to get started now and lose the weight.

Therefore, on the suggestion of my clients, I started reviewing many of the personal weight loss programs that are currently available. Some were well known while others not so. I needed to see if any of the programs could be flexible enough to work for the bulk of my clients so I could recommend it as the one that could work for them. I had some very strict guidelines that needed to be met before I would suggest any program. Truthfully, I believed that I would not find ANY weight loss programs that would work for most of my clients needs.

Here are a few of the 32 requirements that each program had to meet before I could conceder it for recommendation. Yes... I had 32 specific things I was looking for so now you understand why I thought it was not possible to do this.

The program has to promote a SAFE and balanced approach to weight loss The program has to work and is based on good weight loss practices not gimmicks or fads! Can not have unrealistic claims for quick weight loss (i.e. lose 50 lbs in a month) No pre-packaged meals, diet shakes/drinks or pills (not a good weight loss approach & added cost) Must provide training in making healthy eating choices with everyday foods including eating at restaurants (including fast food) It must be easy to follow without complicated calculations or charts that could discourage progress It must provide the user with an education in weight loss that they can continue to use in the future It has to be affordable to all of my clients with NO ADDITIONAL monthly or hidden charges The program must be sustainable... FOREVER! It must be a program that I could see using myself It must be a program I feel comfortable suggesting to clients, friends and family

To my surprise, I found a few programs that exceeded my expectations. The program I liked the best was even under $50 US. Is it to good to be true? Being suspicious by nature, I put this program to the test with four of my clients, at my cost. Each of them had different weight loss goals and requirements so I thought it would be a good test of the program.

Again, I was surprised. Not by the results, as I expected it to work based on my selection requirements, but my surprise was my clients were actually enjoying the program. Some of the comments I received were:

"It was so easy to introduce into our everyday eating schedule and our kids love the meals"
"WOW, I lost 14 lbs in under a month and it was so easy!"
"I am not eating less but losing weight all thanks to you and this program"
"This is the first diet that I ever was on that allowed me to eat and lose weight. No more supplements, just food."

I was floored. My clients were losing weight at a healthy pace and they were happy with the program. Was it a fluke? Were these four clients just an exception? Let me put it this way. I now have many clients (men, women and children) that have selected this program and they all have lost weight and are enjoying the experience.

Do I suggest this program to all of my clients? No. As I stated before, a personal weight loss program is personal and for it to work the best it has to meet the needs of the client but this program is the closest I have ever seen to meeting the needs of so many.

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