Fast Weight Loss After Pregnancy - FAQs and Tips For Fast Weight Loss After Pregnancy

There's no shortage of products out there promising fast weight loss after pregnancy but how many of these are legitimate and more importantly, how many are safe for you after you've had a baby? In this article I will discuss some commonly asked questions when considering a plan for fast weight loss after pregnancy including some tips on how to stay motivated. I'll also offer a few weight loss tips to get you started that are safe and easy to implement. And I'll suggest a diet plan that I think is perfect for women looking for a solution to fast weight loss after pregnancy.

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Common Concerns:

1. How safe is fast weight loss after pregnancy?Everyone has her own idea of what fast weight loss is but here's the reality of it, 1-2 lbs. per week is about all you want to lose after childbirth. There are many health risks to consider when it comes to "Fad Diets", and diets that promise "Rapid" weight loss. You have to remember what's important - your health and the health of your baby!

2. Will I have to starve myself?Of course not. Actually, starving yourself is probably the worst thing you could do apart from using any of the crazy plans I mentioned above. The key to losing the baby weight fast is to eat more not less. The trick is to know what foods will help you on your journey and most importantly, when to eat them.

3. Do I have to exercise for hours each day?It's not recommended. The old 80/20 rule still applies, 80% of weight loss is the food you eat, 20% of weight loss is the exercise you do. If you are breastfeeding, you should definitely be careful about which exercises you choose. Lactic acid can build up with strenuous or jarring exercises and change the flavor of your milk often making it unpalatable to your baby.

4. Is there a step-by-step system I can follow to get the results I want?Plenty! There are numerous plans out there to help someone lose weight. What you want to look for is something that focuses on nutrition based dieting, no "fads" or "miracle" solutions. This is the safest and quickest way to lose weight after pregnancy. Most experts agree that diet plans must be tailored to fit each person individually if they are going to work quickly and be effective for the long term. That's why the commercial diet plans are slow and leave you unable to keep the weight off.

5. How do I stay motivated? Here are a few tips:Change up your exercises. Try to come up with three or four different activities that you like to do at different times throughout the week. This will prevent the monotony from setting in and keep you interested longer. Find a partner. Be accountable for each other in this endeavor. Your partner doesn't have to have a new baby, they just need to share a similar goal. Make sure that your partner also shares your desire for healthy weight loss, it's important to stay together from start to finish. Reward yourself. Set goals and make sure that you reward yourself when you achieve them. Start small with say 2-7 lbs. and promise yourself that you will get a manicure or a facial when you reach your goal. The act or object doesn't matter, it's the goal itself that counts. Make sure that it's something that you really want. Work out at home. There are plenty of great at-home workout videos and programs that are a lot of fun. This can be a time during the day that is set aside just for you. Use it to unwind and get rid of some pressure all within the safety and comfort of your home.

There is always an excuse for not eating right or exercising. The bottom line is that inertia feeds inertia and the opposite is true as well. We have to remember that a loss in motivation will breed excuses, we just have to try and remember our goals and keep our eyes on the end result. Don't let yourself stop before you even start. If we can at least go through the motions and initiate some action, we will discover that overcoming the negativity becomes quite easy. Don't dwell on the goals that are yet to be done. Instead try to focus on your accomplishments in the past. This will help you to feel that your future goals are realistic and achievable. We have to make a choice to be healthy and happy. It's a choice that must come from within and you have to believe in your choice completely. The moment-to-moment decisions that we make every day are what guide us to the positive or negative results we experience.

Next I want to talk about some...

Easy Tips to Get You Started.Set goals. Keep them realistic though. You may have an idea of how you want your weight loss plan to work but you won't know anything until you get started so keep your goals flexible. I suggest a goal board. You can use an old bulletin board or just a small space on your wall somewhere. Thumb through some magazines and clip out some pictures that you think will help motivate you to reach your goals. They could be snips of women in good shape or exercising, or pictures of things you want or places that you want to go. Whatever sparks the trigger inside you to keep focused is what you want to find and put on the board. Look at it often; visualize yourself in that place or having a body like the person in the picture. Remind yourself that that's where you want to be soon. Start a food journal. It's important to write down what you eat during the day and how you feel afterwards. This will help you to identify your areas of opportunity (i.e. when you start to crave junk food, or feel tired after a meal) and eliminate them. It will also show you how well you are doing and give you something to be proud of. Monitoring your food intake and your goals is imperative. Studies have shown a significant weight loss advantage for people who keep a food journal versus those who do not. 80% loss of total "baby weight" (for people who kept a food journal) in a 6-month period compared to a 44% loss for those who did not journal. Use a smaller plate. I know it sounds silly but..."My eyes were bigger than my stomach"!! Sound familiar? This happens to the best of us, just try to limit it to holiday times. Using a smaller plate is one way of tackling this problem. Once again, studies have shown that when people are given different sized plates the subjects with the larger plates eat more and consequently gain more wait and feel worse for over-eating. Sleep Sleep Sleep. Yeah right if you're a new mom. But seriously I hate to sound like a broken record here but you need to sleep as much as possible and here's why: studies have shown that properly regulated sleep helps to properly regulate your hormones. And guess what controls your fat storage and appetite? Yep that's right, your hormones do so try harder to rest harder. No more sugary drinks. Ask yourself a question. Do you want an extra pound of weight in the next ten days? If you answered YES then just 1-2 cans of soda a day could do it - and you are reading the wrong article. If you answered NO then stop. Juice is better, it at least has some nutritional value but it still has loads of calories. Try iced tea sweetened with STEVIA and up your water consumption. I could write a whole article on the benefits of water for weight loss so don't get me started. Maybe I will write one?

I hope this article was helpful for you. The questions I addressed are very common and the tips are proven to work. If you are like most people looking for a realistic way to fast weight loss after pregnancy then you may be interested in some assistance. I have reviewed countless diet pans out there and have found many good ones to choose from. It's important to remember that no matter who you are, there is a diet plan out there that will work for you. It doesn't matter if you are looking for fast weight loss after pregnancy or just a regular person with a few extra pounds, what you need to realize is that an individualized plan is the key. One diet can't work for everyone and dieting shouldn't be a chore. With the right plan you can create a diet tailor-made just for you based on foods that you love and a schedule that is practical. It's called Strip that Fat and it works better than any other diet plan I have ever seen. It has everything in it that I like (i.e. proven results, 60-day money back guarantee etc.) but most importantly it has a unique software program that will generate a custom-made diet plan made to work specifically for you. It will also create a printable shopping list and diet outline among other things. I wrote another article on this product that goes into greater detail. You can click the blue "HERE" link below to read it. Thank you for your time and I wish you all the success in the world!


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