Staying in Shape With the Running Weight Loss Program

The key to losing weight and to stay in shape is by doing the right kind of exercises like the running weight loss program. Even experts recommend a running weight loss program for those who want to lose weight but still need some exercise.

Not for everyone

The running weight loss program is one of the most effective ways for getting rid of those excess pounds. However, this may not be suitable for everyone especially those who have a severe medical condition that is related to their weight gain. It is best for you to consult with your physician first and have your health and weight loss needs evaluated before you can try out the running weight loss program.

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Running for health and weight loss

Running is a kind of aerobic exercise that lets your body burn energy. For running to be effective for weight loss, you should do this exercise daily or thrice a week and ensure that you re running around 20 to 25 miles per week. Its success rate reveals gradual weight loss for up to 25 pounds when paired with a healthy diet.

How it works

The running weight loss program helps by improving your strength and endurance. It promotes the conversion of fat into muscle tissue so you may feel that you are getting heavier because of the muscles. Eventually, the excess pounds will melt away if you stick to the program.

Discipline is the key

It takes a lot of discipline for a person to be able to make a running weight loss program to be effective and helpful in shedding off those excess pounds. However, you do not have to exert yourself when it comes to running. If you are a beginner, you can run for short distances around your neighborhood or at the park for 30 minutes.

How to run

Start by doing warm-up or stretching exercises to prepare your muscles and your entire body for the running weight loss program. When you are ready, start walking and then jogging for a few minutes until you feel that you are getting used to it, and then take gradual strides. You do not have to run like an athlete or run as fast as you can. In fact, it is advisable if you run in a long, slow, and steady motion.

Using rhythm

Running on a rhythmic motion can help you get used to the activity and maybe actually enjoy it. Some people take their portable music players with them (i.e. discman, walkman, or mp3 player) while running so they can run with the rhythm of the songs.

Follow the beat

Rhythmic running can help boost your body's fat burning properties to help melt all the unwanted fat. Furthermore, with the right rhythm, you can gain better control of your body so you can condition it to be able to endure the exercise.

More health benefits

As a form of aerobic exercise, the running weight loss program can also aid in strengthening your cardiovascular system and it helps regulate blood flow throughout your body. Running also helps in lowering your blood pressure because it aids in the maintenance of your arteries' elasticity. This is because your arteries contract and expand more when you are running. Running also helps in keeping your lungs healthy, powerful, and strong through deep breaths that force your lungs make use of its full power.

Running and dieting

Pay attention to your meals when you are on a running program for weight loss. Try to maintain a balanced diet as much as you can and ensure that the foods you are consuming are low in fat. Fatty foods should be avoided because most of them cannot be absorbed by your muscles for energy conversion.

More food for the runner

Carbohydrates are one of the most important foods to consume since they are needed by your muscles. Furthermore, make sure that you drink lots of fluids to replenish the ones that are lost through sweating. Fluids are also important for allowing your blood to transfer the glucose to your muscles as well as for flushing out the wastes from your body. As a runner, you also need to sweat and a lack of fluids inhibits your ability to do so.

Ready, set, go!

If you feel that running should be included in your weight loss program, then do not hesitate to try it out. However, make sure that you have yourself evaluated by your doctor first before participating on any running program.

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