The Secret Ingredient to Weight Loss

Dieting is not a fun thing to do, but the fact is, we have to watch what we eat if we want to experience weight loss. Dieting would be much more pleasant if there was a super drug or diet method that would result in speedy and permanent weight loss. While such a magic formula is not likely to ever be invented, those of us who want to lose weight keep holding out hope and looking for the secret ingredient to weight loss.

The truth is that the secret ingredient to weight loss is not a pill or a drug. It's a mindset. While many people might not want to accept that this is true, the secret ingredient to weight loss is patience. Because weight loss takes time. If you get frustrated after following a diet or exercise program for a few days and give up, the real culprit sabotaging your weight loss efforts is, quite simply, a lack of patience.

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You didn't end up with extra weight overnight, and you aren't going to experience significant or lasting weight loss overnight either. Successful weight loss requires commitment, and the willingness to stick to a healthy eating and exercise program that has the potential to help you achieve your long term weight loss goals.

If you find yourself jumping on the bathroom scales three times each day when you go on a diet to see if you have lost any weight yet, that is a good sign that you may not have the patience it takes to be successful in your weight loss efforts. Successful weight loss is all about mindset, and that mindset has to be one of patience.

No matter what hype you read about the latest fad diet or miracle weight loss drug, the fact remains that if you want to lose weight you have to increase your activity level and decrease your calorie consumption. The only weight loss that will last is that which comes off slowly; that which comes off the right way.

One reason that people often fail in their attempts to lose weight is because they tend to go to an extreme with diet and exercise. They think that they can work really hard for a little while to lose weight, and then go back to their usual lifestyle. The problem is that the usual lifestyle is what caused them to gain weight in the first place.

Instead of putting your energy in figuring out how to quickly drop weight that you're just going to gain back, you are much better served by approaching weight loss with a perspective of patience. Make healthy diet and exercise choices, and incorporate healthy eating into your everyday life. The pounds might not disappear overnight, but when they go away, they won't be likely to return.

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