Weight Loss Through Appetite Suppression Using Hypnotherapy

Weight loss is a reduction of fat, bodily fluids, lean mass and adipose tissues leading to a reduction of your body weight. Appetite is an urge to eat and drink for pleasure. It is significantly different from hunger, because you only feel hungry when your body does not have sufficient reserves to sustain itself and consequently calls for nourishment.

Appetite is frequently mistaken for hunger, but they are 2 different feelings with different factors. Hunger is a physical indicator that your body is in need of nourishment and it would be unhealthy if you tried to fight it. Appetite, however, is principally triggered by psychological factors and does not respond to any physical need.

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Indeed, stimulating the mouth is a source of comfort and pleasure, which explains why some persons like to chew gum for example. It is the same reason that might explain why people like to have a cigarette in their mouths, or why they can feel hungry without actually needing food.

This comfort and pleasure may be sought after unconsciously by the brain when experiencing a stressful situation, which is the reason why stress and anxiety can often cause the desire to eat. Our mind also usually unconsciously creates associations between two actions, so that every time you perform any of those actions your mind creates the desire to perform the other simultaneously. Hence you can have the desire to eat when sitting at a table, around friends or watching television. Weight gain is also a usual side effect of several drugs.

Even a little appetite issue may be critically disabling and a possible danger for your health. Not only can it make you increasingly anxious about your physical appearance, but it can also threaten your health in the long run. Excessive appetite can be responsible for obesity, respiratory difficulties, musculoskeletal problems, high blood pressure, and cholesterol as well as life threatening disorders such as diabetes, cancer and gallbladder disease.

Being able to control your appetite would allow you to quickly get significantly healthier and get back in shape. You would not have to constantly worry about dieting anymore, nor about the nutritional value of your food. You will be able to choose what you eat, when you want to.

Many different drugs claiming to help control appetite or lose weight have been put on the market over the past few years. A lot of these miracle pills will in the best of cases only have a placebo effect. Others have had better results but often also had to be withdrawn from the market because of their dangerous side effects. Many of those drugs have a chemical structure analogous to that of amphetamines and have analogous dangers. But there are also natural ways of achieving weight loss that do not have any adverse effects, such as weight loss through hypnotherapy.

Most people will tell you that only diet or exercise are effective in order to lose weight. This is true to a certain extent, but it is almost impossible for an active individual to find the time to exercise or to keep a diet and it is even harder to find the motivation to do so. Moreover, neither dieting nor exercise can treat the psychological factors that increase appetite. This means they won't decrease your appetite, and that you'll have to endure this urge to eat all the time, without being able to satisfy it.

That explains why weight loss hypnosis has convinced a lot of people who were trying to lose weight. Weight loss through hypnosis works on the unconscious level of your mind and can help you greatly reduce your appetite. But hypnotherapy weight loss can also give you the willpower you need to go out and exercise. Using suggestion, weight loss hypnosis will help you find this motivation quickly and simply!

Weight loss hypnosis allows you to diminish your appetite in order to lose weight. This means it will be a lot easier to lose weight because weight loss through hypnosis will eliminate the unnecessary cravings for nourishment. With hypnotism for weight loss, your unconscious mind will be reprogrammed to adopt the eating habits of a naturally thin person. In other words, weight loss hypnosis will change your eating habits using the power of your unconscious.

Weight loss hypnosis sessions can eliminate the unconscious associations, which can cause appetite, and will induce appetite reduction. Self hypnosis weight loss, like all methods, which use hypnosis, will also make you much more relaxed. Weight loss through hypnosis can hence quickly deliver you from any urge to eat that might be caused by anxiety.

To summarize: Although appetite is often confused with hunger, it does not respond to a physical need for nourishment but is strongly dependent on our emotional state. Therefore, weight loss hypnosis is a lot more effective than diets, which only focus on physical factors. And unlike drugs, it is free of adverse effects. Weight loss through hypnosis is an efficient, safe and effortless method to gain control over your appetite and lose weight.

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