Weight Loss - Are You Fighting With Yourself to Lose Weight?

Have you tried to lose weight in the past but failed? You may have been fighting yourself to do it.

I'll explain.

There are two main parts to our mind: the conscious and the subconscious. The conscious part of you wants to lose weight and look good this upcoming season. Meanwhile, the subconscious wants you to continue to eat all the foods that make you feel comfortable and happy. Unfortunately for you, those tend to be composed of sugar and carbohydrates which only make your waist line grow. In a scenario like this one, the person ends up yo-yo-dieting because their "Will Power" can only last so long - literally. Will Power only gives you a short burst of energy. Once it's gone. It's just gone. The only thing left behind is your emotional stress and frustration which can lead to a vicious cycle of weight rebounding.

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That is the reason why the problem of losing weight needs to be tackled at the source of where the mental conflict is - in your subconscious. The subconscious is where all your habits and patterns lie such as not eating healthy, not liking to exercise and drinking only soda. Once you get this part of your mind in sink with your goals, change becomes easy because you're no longer fighting with yourself.

Hypnosis Has Been Scientifically Proven To Work For Weight Loss!

Setting your mind to lose weight and motivating yourself to enjoy healthy habits is possible with Hypnosis. A significant number of studies (several of which are listed below), have demonstrated that adding hypnosis to a weight loss program significantly increases its success.

A 1996 study conducted at the University of Connecticut published in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology found that, on average, people who used Hypnosis were able to lose 2.5 times more weight than a person not using Hypnosis. The authors went a step further by stating, "The correlation analysis indicated that the benefits of Hypnosis increased substantially over time."

As someone who previously battled with keeping extra pounds off, I know that you need to have the correct frame of mind in order to be successful. You may have experienced occasions when you've dieted and exercised but then your will power wore off. In the end, you slipped back to your old patterns and rebounded in weight. This continuous vicious cycle affects you not just physically but emotionally because as your self-esteem spirals downwards you start to overeat; you start eating calorie laden comfort foods again and you get stuck in the same pattern.

This scenario happens to countless of Americans who fuel the diet industry with their purchases of diet pills and other fads in hope of achieving their weight loss goals. The problem, however, is that the more you rebound, the more you set yourself up for failure for the next time you try to diet.

In reality, the perfect equation for most people to lose weight is simple. It's:

Weight Loss = The Right Mind Set + Healthy Eating + Exercise

That's it. In life as in science, the simplest answer is often the correct answer.

Hypnosis can help you achieve the right state of mind by "cleaning up the mental clutter" that prevents you from holding a determined course to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. It gives you the ability to naturally chose to eat healthy foods, to want to exercise and to be focused on achieving your weight loss goals. For some, it's as simple as one session, while others see benefit from a series of sessions.

In a research article titled, Hypnotherapy in weight loss treatment, a group of researchers found that in a test group of 60 participants, those that did not use Hypnosis only lost .5 lbs while the group using Hypnosis lost 17 lbs. Why? Because the people who had access to Hypnosis sessions were able to achieve that weight loss combination that eludes most people today.

More proof of the ability of Hypnosis to boost a person's weight loss was shown in January of 2004, when Dateline aired "Losing it: Dateline ultimate diet challenge." The show compared some of the most well known methods known to losing weight including the Atkin's diet, Slim Fast, Weight Watchers, extreme exercise with calorie restrictions, working with a diet coach and Hypnosis.

The top two weight loss techniques that worked were Hypnosis and the Atkins diet. Unfortunately for the man who used the Atkin's diet (Rick Burns), while he lost weight, he also became sick. "Rick developed a painful case of gout, a condition he'd had before, that he suspected was a result of the diet." His diet had to be modified.

Marc Merlis, the man who did Hypnosis along with exercising and eating healthy continued to happily lose weight.

"After three months under Hypnosis, his wife had a nickname for him. Incredibly, "droopy drawers" had lost the most so far, a staggering 40 pounds. That's when droopy's wife got in on the action. She went to the hypnotist to quit smoking. And guess what? Smoke free, fat free. Five months in, for the Merlis's things couldn't be better. And at their son's bar mitzvah this May, lifting Marc was a piece of cake."

As long as Marc continued his Hypnosis routine, he was able to continue his path of losing weight. One of the things that I noticed about this weight loss challenge was how much the other contestants suffered by the calorie restrictions that they had to undergo. It's hard to focus if you feel that you are starving. Hypnosis helps program your mind to think thin - this includes wanting to exercise and wanting to eat healthy so you're not constantly struggling about what choices you have to make. An added plus to Hypnosis is that it helps you control your stress levels. This in turn helps you to lose weight.

Even highly respected consumer advocate John Stossel of ABC's 20/20, who is known for debunking fraudulent claims, agrees that Hypnosis is no sham. In his best-selling book, "Myths, Lies and Downright Stupidty", he makes a bold take on Hypnosis:

"Just when my skeptic's antennae convince me I always know bunk when I see it, I get fooled. I assumed hypnosis in medicine was one more con game... "Hypnotherapy will help you lose weight!" C'mon, if it worked, there wouldn't be all those overweight people around. Truth: Hypnosis works -- if you let it!"

Smokers can also reap the benefits of Hypnosis for weight loss. A two-fold study stated that both nonsmokers and smokers alike experienced significant weight loss as well as decline in their Body Mass Index compared to the group who did not practice Hypnosis. In fact, the group who used Hypnosis continued to show lower post treatment weights. Non-invasive and relaxing, Hypnosis makes achieving your goals easy.

Hypnosis simply allows you to have better motivation and self control as well as a positive emotional association with your diet and exercise. You don't just lose weight, you gain control of your own life, so that you can go out there and achieve all the other things that are on your list of goals.

Sasha Carrion, CHT

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