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As with any weight loss program, you may hit a plateau or possibly even gain a pound or two, so it is very important to keep a weight loss journal to refer back to what you did and ate that week and make adjustments to get you back on track to meeting your weight loss goals.

A successful weight loss program requires specific attention to your daily diet and exercise. Basically you are making a change to your life style. Once you have made the decision to alter your image and the way you live, you have to be committed to this life style from now on, or you will end up back where you started, or fatter. To stay motivated and monitor your progress, you need to be able to see your results, not just in the mirror or on the scale, but actually see what you accomplished and how. To keep on track, you will want to keep a weight loss journal of your progress.

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Keeping a weight loss journal of the foods you eat, the exercises you do and the weight you lose is an excellent way to adhere to a weight loss program and keep you motivated. This is your record to demonstrate your progress that can be shared with others as you wish.

You do not need to go out and buy an expensive weight loss journal, it can be kept in a simple notebook or in an Excel spreadsheet. You do not want to keep this important information on single sheets of paper because they can be easily lost. Your journal should be bound or on your computer.

Your weight loss journal is a personal record for you to keep all the information you need to be successful in your weight loss program. Below are some suggestions to help you monitor your daily progress and stay on track for meeting your weight loss goals:

Define your goal(s) including time frames and MileStones - Very Important. Remember, there are no minor successes! Document them all. Your weight Your weight loss Every spec of food or drink you put in your mouth The time you consumed it Calories consumed Split out Fat, Carbohydrates and Protein intakes The exercise you did and for how long Recipes that work for you Magazine or articles that inspire you Personal comments (what works for you, what does not, etc.)

Before you start any weight loss or exercise program, you must set clear and challenging yet realistic goals for yourself. If you ignore this step - like most people do - you are destined to fail, no matter what you do or how hard you try. The crucial first step must be goal setting.

Your weight loss journal must also include your diet and exercise plan. This is your blueprint on how you are going to attain your goals. Successful weight loss is a 3-legged stool consisting of a proper diet, exercise plan and continuous education. If one of these components is missing or ignored, there is no way that stool can stay standing. Your weight loss journal will help keep that stool standing firmly in place and give you documented proof of what works for you (and what does not) to keep you on track for meeting your weight loss goals.

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