Weight Loss Supplements - Two Important Rules of Thumb

If you know anything about the weight loss industry, you will agree that it is replete with thousands of instant-fix solutions that claim to give you fast results. Weight loss pills, weight loss supplements, weight loss belts, weight loss patches, fad diets, the list goes on and on. But the question remains - do these products really work or is it all hype?

Well, some of these products do work and others are hype. Perhaps the real answer is that many or even most probably do work but not by themselves. Meaning if you put on a weight loss patch but do not change anything about the types or amounts of food that you eat the weight loss patch probably will help you lose weight. If you go on the cabbage soup diet for a month, you will probably lose weight. While at the same time if you do not reduce your intake and increase your activity you will most likely gain the weight back rather quickly.

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In terms of using a weight loss supplement, there are two rules of thumb you need to know before you buy them:

1. Proven weight loss supplements always come with a money back guarantee: Most of the companies who have confidence in their products will back up their offer with a no questions asked, money-back guarantee. Always look for this guarantee whenever purchasing a weight loss supplement.

2. Diet pills alone cannot help you lose weight: If someone taught you otherwise then he is a complete fool! Let me tell you the truth: unless you follow an effective exercise regimen and a healthy diet plan, no diet pill in the world will be able to help you. People who lose weight successfully do so by combining diet pills along with diet and exercise.

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