Weight Loss Motivation - The 7 Problems That Can Destroy Your Weight Loss Efforts! Part 2

Weight loss motivation is a BIG problem especially if you have a lot of weight to lose.

The problem can just seem IMPOSSIBLE!

How do you get the motivation to start your weight loss plan and more importantly to stick to it? This 7 part series will help you to overcome the 7 most crippling problems faced by people trying to stick to a weight loss plan and offer the solutions that allowed me to break free of the weight loss plateau.

This brings us to the first problem that can destroy your weight loss efforts:

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Problem 1: I don't have time to exercise

Finding the weight loss motivation you need is hard but it is so much easier to make excuses.

Classic weight loss motivation excuses:

I work several jobs and don't have time I have kids and they take up all my time Between kids, my job, housework and hubby I couldn't possibly fit it in The problem is just too big. I can't do it. I can't manage to exercise for very long at all. What I can do is insignificant. It's hopeless. The exercise and hunger is too painful I am not getting results. Shouldn't I see some change within a few weeks?
Weight loss solution No.1 - You don't need to exercise for very long to make a difference.

When you start just do 20 minutes per day. Do it in front of the tv or whilst listening to the radio. Do it with a friend. Park an extra block away form work giving you a short walk each day. Don't use the tv remote. Walk to the tv each time you want to change the channel.

Brainstorm 10 creative ways that you can incorporate exercise into your existing daily routine. You will be surprised! Short bursts of regular exercise are actually better for you than a long session that never happens.

As I am a trained maths teacher, allow me to give you a little maths lesson.

If you commit to just 20 minutes a day for 4 days a week and deduct 8 hours per day for sleeping then you are committing to only 1.1% of your time in a week!

Only do as much exercise as your body can handle. You body is smarter than any weight loss expert and if you listen to it you can feel how much you can safely handle and stick to on a daily basis.

Weight loss solution No.2 - EASE THE PAIN!

When you first commit to a change of lifestyle there is an inevitable adjustment period. You must adjust to regular exercise, smaller meals and hunger for starters.

Make your exercise fun with a few warm up exercises that you enjoy. Break it down into steps and goals. Your first goal may simply be to get your body moving. Do 5-10 minutes of your favourite exercise, 5-10 minutes of an aerobic activity, 5minutes of resistance training then a short warm down. Exercise doesn't have to be pain and work. It can be as fun as you can make it!


There is a way to actually control your appetite without hunger pains.

CBS and ABC news ran an article about a cactus like plant called Hoodia that grows in the Kalahari Desert of South Africa. The native Bushmen of the area have been using the cactus to suppress hunger and thirst on their hunting trips through the desert for hundreds of years.

This cactus is now available in a supplement form that allows people from all over the world to take advantage of the Hoodia cactus.

The appetite suppressant effects have allowed thousands of Americans to finally get their appetite and cravings between meals under control where other products have failed in the past.


It can take several painful experiences to finally purchase a hoodia product that is not a fake or full of useless additives. There is nothing more disheartening than purchasing a product and finding it does nothing and you are back to square one with no weight loss solution in sight.

Hoodia is a very rare product and the huge demand for this product often outweighs its supply. The South African Government has placed limits on the amount of Hoodia that can be exported to avoid the cactus being over-harvested. This has resulted in many companies offering fake Hoodia supplements or supplements with so little authentic Hoodia in them that they are a waste of your time and money.

An authentic hoodia cactus extract is a popular form of appetite suppression that has worked for thousands of people. But unless you plan on losing your money rather than your pounds there are the 3 things you absolutely must AVOID! These clues on a manufacturers website will help you to identify the scammers and which products to stay away from.

Visit Trusted Weight Loss Review [http://www.trusted-weight-loss-review.com/Hoodia-Report1.html] and discover what you need to know.

This article only addresses one of the problems that can destroy your weight loss motivation. You can also download the full ebook The 7 Problems that can CRIPPLE your weight loss efforts for free at Trusted Weight Loss Review and get the full story.

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