Fad Diets Not the Way For Successful Weight Loss

Have you been struggling with your weight for a long time? Have you tried several fad diets, or maybe even taken diet pills, but none of them worked to get the excess weight off you? You most likely have tried starving yourself. In fact, you probably tried to starve yourself first before trying out all the other fad diets.

Do you lack the willpower to lose weight? Do you need weight loss motivation?

What you need to realize is that starving yourself is not going to (and won't ever) help you lose weight. In fact, starvation can cause you to keep those excess pounds on and even add on a few! By the way, did you make exercise a part of your weight loss plan? No?

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No wonder you can't shed off those unwanted pounds! The keys to weight loss are nutrition and exercise and not fad diets as suggest by many body slim agencies. And you have to be consistent and persistent too.

Eating a well-balanced diet is one key to sustainable weight loss in the long term. This means cutting back (or eliminating) on fatty foods, junk food, sugary drinks and similar foods. You also need to exercise to increase your body's metabolism. The better your metabolism, the more efficient your body is burning the calories. When your body is efficiently burning calories, you will see the weight come off. There are breathing exercise designed to encourage weight loss.

Doing the above mentioned isn't a one-off thing. You need to be consistent - in eating healthy foods and on exercising. Don't act surprised if you don't lose weight if you're still eating the same unhealthy foods you've been eating. And you need to be persistent. Don't expect to shed off the excess pounds overnight like does by some of the fad diets; it takes time. Your body needs to adjust itself to a healthy weight loss plan for a few weeks.

Let's take an even closer look at each of the key aspects to successful weight loss:

1. Nutrition

Switch to non-fattening foods that will provide your body with sufficient amounts of nutrients it needs to function efficiently on a daily basis. Starving yourself doesn't work for weight loss Why? When your body recognizes that you are starving it, it will go into survival mode and store whatever food you give it. It may be counterintuitive, but eating can cause weight loss not starving or fad diets! Go for low-fat and no-fat foods. Consume fresh fruits and vegetables every day. If you love meat, go for lean meat, preferably salmon or chicken instead of red meat.

2. Exercise

Exercise not only helps your heart become stronger and make you healthy overall, it helps raise your metabolism. The higher your metabolism, the faster your body burns calories. You can achieve weight loss safely if the amount of calories your body is burning is more than the calories you are consuming. Unlike taking fad diets, health experts recommend exercising at least 30 minutes three times a week. Walking, cycling and swimming are exercises that can help promote weight loss.

3. Deep Breathing

A few times during the day, do a 15-minute deep breathing session. It is believed that deep breathing helps your body burn energy.

4. Consistency and Persistence

5. Weight loss motivation

Frankly, weight loss motivation should be at #1, but for most people it's the least considered part of a successful weight loss plan.In order for your weight loss plan to be effective, you need to be consistent and persistent. Keep eating healthy meals and exercising regularly. If you waver or skimp on any part of your weight loss plan, you'll stop losing weight.

A Few More Tips

Instead of eating 3 big meals, try to eat 5 or 6 smaller meals. Don't eat four hours before you go to bed as doing so can disrupt your sleep. Your body needs to rest at night and it can't do that if it has to digest the foods you've eaten close to bed time.

No fad diets or diet pill can bring you the same results of a healthy weight loss plan that involves proper nutrition and exercise. This weight loss plan is safe too and guaranteed to give you results!

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