Designing a Child Weight Loss Plan

You may need a child weight loss plan if you feel that your child's weight is causing health and self-esteem problems. There are several weight loss plans too choose from, but not all of them provide the motivation and assistance that your child needs to lose weight. As a responsible parent, you also need to know your responsibilities.

Let them eat cake!

Some parents still believe the old wives' tale that children should be regularly fed since they are growing. They believe that children need all the vitamins and minerals they can get to help them become strong and healthy adults. The result is that they keep on feeding them whatever they want, whenever they want to it. Unfortunately, this encourages overeating and binging, which is the main reason children gain weight.

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More reasons for weight gain

Overeating and binging are just some of the many reasons for weight gain in children. Other reasons include a sedentary lifestyle, preference for fast food and junk food, and the influence coming from the family. Others even choose to blame technological developments like videogames and their consoles, the computer, and the Internet. Children nowadays choose to stay at home and play videogames or surf the Internet instead of going outside to play games with other kids or engage themselves in sports.

Easy weight loss for kids

Losing weight does not have to be difficult for children if the adults around them provide good influence and motivation. However, many families do not have the money or resources to consult with a physician about their child's weight or be able to afford weight loss medicines. When parents face this kind of dilemma, the first solution they can count on is being in control of the kinds of food that is in the house, specifically the types of food the kids can find in the fridge or pantry. When parents start prioritizing health, then that is the start of an effective child weight loss plan.

Obesity in children

Obesity is the excessive accumulation of fat in the body. If the child has more than 25% to 32% of body fat, then they are considered obese. Obesity is determined by the body mass index (BMI), or the proportionality of their height to their weight. There are several free online calculators you can use to find your child's BMI. Normal BMI is 18 to 25; if your child's BMI is above that, you have to come up with a child weight loss plan.

A weight loss plan for children

Children have different dietary needs and requirements compared to adults. If you are already dieting, never encourage your child to follow the same routine as you because it may not fit their needs. You can consult your doctor on the right child weight loss plan for your child's specific condition.

The importance of discipline

Proper discipline is an important element of a child weight loss plan. However, the discipline should not only be on the child's part, but on the parents, too. Parents should be able to limit their child's food intake without starving them. Learn how to say "no" and not be intimidated by your child's whining. Remember that the right control and disciplinary measures can help boost your child's weight loss.

Positive reinforcement?

Parents tend to reward their children with sweets or other types of food for getting high grades or for excelling in anything they are interested in. Furthermore, food is also used by most parents to bribe their kids. Part of a healthy child weight loss plan is to stop using food for reinforcing good behavior on them. Not only can you stop spoiling them, but you are also teaching them to be more mindful of their eating habits.

Start with yourself

Become a good role model for them by eating healthy foods and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Encourage activities that you and your child can both enjoy, such as sports, jogging, biking or camping. You can also cook healthy meals together and help them pick healthier choices when you eat out.

Consult the doctor

If your child is already experiencing health problems, or if obesity runs in your family, take them to the doctor for a check-up. The doctor can assign particular activities and a healthy diet as part of the child weight loss plan that is fit for their condition.

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