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In a world of instant oatmeal, instant gratification, instant product downloads and instant food, it's no wonder that we continue to seek an almost instant answer to our weight gain problems. From fast food that we pick up on our way home to instant delivery over the Web, we want what we want and we want it now.

Is it any wonder that the weight loss industry has grown to be worth over 30 billion dollars while only about 5% of those on a diet will be able to keep the weight off for more than a year or two. The reason for this extremely profitable industry, is that as a group, the weight loss industry offers the promise of quick and easy weight loss. This is very effective because frankly, we desperately want to believe that there is some pill or exercise equipment that can somehow magically transform us into thin and beautiful people.

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By the dream a fast and easy weight loss, only to be disappointed and disillusioned... until the next time

We don't seem to care that all the extra weight took months or even years to be gained. Nor do we recognize that there's so much going against us losing weight quickly.
Things like:

1. Having babies and families

2. Heredity

3. Slowing metabolism, because were aging

4. Little time for physical activity to work schedules

5. Work and careers that now keep us behind a desk in front of a computer monitor instead of physical work.

6. Busy schedules mean precooked and fast food that high in calories and fat content.

Don't be fooled by the weight loss industry promises. Notice that they use a disclaimer like "results not typical" in their marketing materials. This isn't to suggest that the weight loss industry can't help with your weight loss goals. It's important to understand however that just as gaining the weight didn't happen overnight, losing it, even the fastest way possible will also not be a short-term effort.

Vitamins, minerals and supplements to curb your appetite can all help you reach your weight loss goals. The fastest weight loss programs are also the healthiest, but unfortunately also demand the highest level of commitment from us. When it comes down to it, the most successful and quickest weight-loss plan is one that's designed for us to eat less and exercise more.

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