Natural Herbs for Weight Loss

Inactive lifestyles, heredity and wrong eating habits have led to a number of health related problems. The prominent problem being obesity, which further causes insulin resistant diabetes, heart disease, high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure and stroke. In order to lose weight people follow diet plans or rely on various chemical weight loss supplements. In most cases, the desired effect is not achieved and there are serious side affects resulting in depression that eventually aggravates the condition. Natural herbs offer a safe and effective medium for consistent weight loss.

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The time tested and tried herbs for weight loss are cascara, dandelion, ephedra, glucomannan, guarana and guar gum. Cascara is a strong stimulant laxative and a common ingredient in various herbal weight loss products. However, pregnant and lactating women should avoid its consumption. Glucomannan is used as a weight-loss aid. It delays the absorption of glucose from the intestines.

Guarana is an effective stimulant of the central nervous system and used as a weight loss product due to its diuretic effects. Guar Gum is a dietary fiber that is obtained from the Indian cluster bean. Research shows that it is capable of decreasing cholesterol, controlling diabetes and achieving the desired weight loss. It is used to promote normal gastrointestinal motility and reduces the appetite owing to the feeling of being full that a person experiences on consumption.

There are Chinese herbs that are also used in majority of the weight loss supplements. Penta is one such herb. It has the ability to lower cholesterol level and break down its deposits on the vascular walls.

Even though herbal preparations have their advantages, there are a number of unqualified people who sell these products failing to alert consumers about the observed side effects of certain herbs. It is wise to exercise caution and purchase natural herbs for weight loss from reputed dealers only.

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