Rapid Weight Loss Without Hunger

Heavy but hungry? You aren't alone. One out of every 4 Americans are on some sort of diet. Yet, over 90% of the people who lose weight by dieting, gain it back again. Why can't people get rid of weight, and keep it off? Can "starvation" diets help? Attempting Rapid Weight Loss Without Hunger, can you actually eat good and still lose weight?

Facts, Tips, and Myths about losing weight rapidly - and keeping it off

As for weight loss, weight - even considerable weight, may be lost on a starvation diet. Your body is like a furnace; your brain could be likened to the thermostat. When we eat, our metabolism burns the food, then releases it in the form of energy. So when more fuel (food) is taken in than the body needs, it is simply stored - as fat.

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Now...if you starve yourself to lose weight, you will - initially. Perhaps then as a defense mechanism, your body goes into a "crisis mode". Your thermostat is turned down, thus your metabolism slows, resulting in weight gain again. Much of what you eat is then stored as fat. So begins the "revolving door". You try another diet. The more you lose , the more you gain. Starvation diets are not the answer for weight reduction.

What about taking weight-loss pills?

Weight loss pills. The primary function of weight loss pills is to curb your appetite, and may work for awhile. But the body adjusts quickly, and the appetite returns. So does the vicious weight gain cycle. Both weight loss pills and pills to eliminate water can have side effects: dizziness, high blood pressure, addiction, and even anxiety attacks. "There is no such thing as a safe, effective pill to cause you to lose body fat" (Dr. Lawrence Lamb) Weight loss pills are not the answer. And why take them, when you can actually enjoy Rapid Weight Loss Without Hunger? You can slim your body way down and still eat good. How does a person "eat and lose weight"? Consider and implement some tested & proven...

Effective tactics and strategies for safe weight reduction

Where do we turn then, for rapid weight loss without hunger? Begin with a thorough checkup with your family physician. Find out if you have any health problems that might only defeat a simple diet plan. Be realistic, set a reasonable weight loss goal. Implement an achievable strategy, in a reasonable time frame. Don't try to over-achieve.

Should you go hungry? It's no secret that I enjoy food, I'll bet you do too. It is a primary joy in our lives, to largely eliminate that joy would be counter-productive, and perhaps create other problems for us. Besides, it will not work - not in the long run. Overeating, on the other hand, may be what we need to focus on. Let's consider some simple tips on moderate eating habits and burning those calories, reducing the fat.

Weight loss tips and tricks that will leave you satisfied

Eat slowly. These days, most of us are in "high gear" so much of the time, we often eat too fast. Remember this: It takes the brain about 20 minutes to receive the signal from our stomach that it is full. Eat too fast and you may be eating too much. You're full already, but your stomach's message to the brain didn't get there on time. Slow down when you eat. Chew each bite real good, take a little time in between each bite.

One large glass of water. Drink a large glass of water before you eat. This fills your stomach and may help reduce body-fat deposits. Doctors recommend drinking at least eight glasses of water every day. You'll feel satisfied like you've eaten as much as usual, but you've actually cut down on your calorie intake. Plus, your food is better assimilated.

Don't watch TV while you eat. Why? Dr. Seymour Isenburg says "If you are busy watching TV..., you [can] begin eating like a machine." I never gave that any thought before, myself. However, examining my own eating habits, I found it to be true in my case. So turn off the TV, enjoy some quiet conversation, or relaxing music. Enjoy your meal. Don't beat yourself up about eating. You are taking an important step to achieve Rapid Weight Loss Without Hunger.

Do you skip breakfast? Well - Don't! Enjoy at least a moderate breakfast. You want to be thinner...so you skip a meal or two. Maybe it's breakfast. Your brain will only tell your body later that you have deprived it, and that you are really hungry now. You'll tend to load on the food, thus the calories later in your day. This is only counter-productive.

Explore healthy alternatives to eating. Do you find yourself often just eating out of habit? I know that I do. When you catch yourself about to eat just for the sake of eating, Go for a walk...or get some other exercise. Do you have a hobby you enjoy? Go work on it. Talk to someone you trust. Maybe go do something active with them. Replace the avtivity of reaching for food with other stimulating activities.

What you eat. Not an easy one, but avoid fatty foods. Just makes sense, doesn't it? Cheeseburgers, foods fried in fat. You won't get good nutrition from sugary drinks and pastries, what you will get is a lot of calories. Also, a lot of salt on your (even lean) beef, will cause your body to retain water.

Develop your taste for healthy foods. Let's face it, most of us really like them anyway. I'm talking about fruit, nuts, whole grains, and vegetables. As part of our daily routine. There's a tremendous variety in these foods, enjoy that variety so you don't get bored, and maybe go back to the cheeseburger routine. Most dietitians will tell you there's nothing wrong with enjoying your favorite foods once in a while. The key here, as in so many things, is moderation.

Engage your thermostat. Aerobic exercise for about 20 minutes a day, and at least three times a week, will "turn up" your body's thermostat and burn calories. Brisk walking, if you're able, even stair climbing is good exercise. No matter what our body weight or body type - exercise makes us look leaner and trimmer. It changes our body chemistry and increases muscular mass. Something I learned in this research is that muscles burn calories even while we're sleeping! What a plus!

Persistence and determination. There are no substitutes for these qualities. But the rewards can be great. You'll look and feel better, and be able to do more physically, even mentally. You'll be determined to have Rapid Weight Loss Without Hunger.

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