The Secrets to Quick Weight Loss

The secrets to quick weight loss have been known for some time, but because it is generally frowned upon, quick weight loss has not been advertised as something we should try and achieve. We are always being told that if we choose to go for quick weight loss, we will put the weight straight back on! We're told that quick weight loss is not real weight loss! But how can that be true? If the scales say that you have lost the weight, then you have lost the weight! If your old clothes say that you have lost the weight, then you have lost the weight! If losing weight quickly is what you want to do, then the secrets to do that are here! All I ask is that you never stop practising them, even when you have reached your target weight.

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Quick Weight Loss Tips

1) Water! You should aim to drink eight or more glasses of cold water per day! If you can drink it straight from the fridge rather than the tap, all the better since fridge water burns more calories.

2) Eat more meals! Sounds odd doesn't it? Plan to eat four small meals a day and your body won't go into starvation mode and slow down your metabolism. If your body understands that you will feed it often and in small amounts it will burn fat quicker and easier.

3) Schedule your largest meal at lunch time! Whatever you do, don't have your largest meal two hours before you go to bed. Give your body time to digest and begin burning the calories before you go to bed.

4) Make at least one of your meals for the day a variety of your favourite fruits!

5) Find a way to add exercise to your daily routine, but whatever you do don't go off and start some big exercise regime that you cannot sustain. If you're not particularly active, start off with simple walks, even taking the stairs instead of the lift will help!

6) If you're using a weight loss program to help you with your weight loss and you have a bad day and fall off the program, don't give up! Get straight back on it and work that program to success. Remember, no one is perfect and you will have times/days when things don't go to plan.

7) Never eat until you can't eat another mouthful. That's called over eating and no weight loss program will be effective if you eat more than you should. You should always be left with the feeling that you're satisfied, but there's room for more if you pushed it. For this tip to work, you are going to have to train your body to recognise when you have eaten enough food and then stop eating. This will take time, but it is one of the main keys to quick weight loss.

8) Get yourself an accountability partner! If you have company on your weight loss program, then you are more likely to see successful results and your goals achieved.

9) Be kind to yourself! Losing weight can be a lonely hard road if you make it that way. Once in a while treat yourself and give yourself a day off when you can eat what you fancy.

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