Weight Loss and Healthy Living - The Perfect Combination

Weight loss and healthy living should always be hand in hand. It is important to note that being thin does not equate to being healthy. Hence, a healthy weight loss regime should be adopted if you want to lose weight.

Unhealthy expectations

America has been shaken up by the weight loss craze. We see it in television and in the news: people using any means to lose weight, hoping to get that perfect body they see in models and Hollywood personalities. The weight loss craze has affected not only adults, but also children. Many talk shows are revealing that children also want to have pencil-thin bodies to emulate the people they see on television.

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Should you really lose weight?

Doctors would normally say that weight loss is recommended to individuals suffering from obesity. Obesity is the accumulation of excess fat in the body, resulting in being overweight. Obesity is calculated through your body mass index (BMI), or the proportion of your weight to your height.

It is important to note, though, that weight loss is not just for obese individuals. Non-obese individuals who are a little overweight may also benefit from losing some extra pounds, but there should be limitations to their weight loss.

Healthy weight loss

If you are obese or just thinking of losing weight, the best way it to combine weight loss and healthy living. Weight loss and healthy living are two factors that should go hand in hand and should not contradict each other.

The first step to weight loss and healthy living is neither crash diets nor extreme exercise. Surprisingly, the body prefers small and slow changes rather than sudden transformations.
For example, if you have not exercised for years should not rush into the gym the next day and run the treadmill for miles. Doing this may leave you struggling and out of breath. Also, it can cause injuries in the body like muscle pain and back pain.

Likewise, crash dieting is ineffective. Crash dieting that severely restricts calories can result in you being vitamin deficient, leading to loss of energy.

Healthy weight loss methods

Hence, weight loss and healthy living should be set using reasonable goals and practical approaches. Below are some steps to weight loss and healthy living:

1. Eat less; exercise more - the more you eat, the more your body stores energy. And the more energy equates to you having to do more intensive activities to help the body burn these energies. If left stored, you will gain weight. Hence, the effective way to lose weight is to eat less and exercise more. Start by reducing the amount of calories you eat. Eat fiber-rich foods that will help you feel full throughout the day and can also aid in digestion. Also, increase your levels of activity so the stored energies can be broken down by the body.

2. Introduce changes gradually - small changes can make a big difference. Changes usually mean making sacrifices. Cutting down on your meal entails perseverance and even the ability to resist temptation. Switch to diet-healthy foods and avoid crash dieting. Remember, weight loss and healthy living should go hand in hand.

3. Increase your activity levels - this simply means exercise more. Exercising does not automatically mean going to the gym, you can do a brisk, 30-minute walk or jog everyday that will be enough.

4. Reduce calorie intake by:

o Replacing soft drinks and sodas with water.

o Swapping whole milk for semi-skimmed, or semi-skimmed for skimmed.

o Eating less lunch than usual.

o Decreasing the intake of sugar in tea and coffee.

o Having smaller portions of the food you enjoy.

o Avoiding second helpings at dinner.

o Cutting out unhealthy treats such as confectionery, sugary biscuits and crisps between meals.

o Cutting down on beer and alcohol.

However, it is important to not skip breakfast. Skipping breakfast will only leave you much hungrier and will not result to healthy weight loss.

Setting reasonable goals

Finally, the key to weight loss and healthy living is to set reasonable goals. Set up a food diary or weight loss chart and monitor your progress. Do not expect results overnight. Remember, weight loss takes effort, time, perseverance, and determination. In no time at all, you will achieve the healthy body image that you have always wanted!

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